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Guthrie Thomas Acoustic Guitar Strings
The Very Finest in Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Shipping & Sales Information

There is No Minimum Order Requirement
You May Use Your VISA or Mastercard
You May Order with a Check or Money Order
Prices are Set in U.S. Dollars

All Orders are shipped within 72 hours

Our Prices and Policies are Subject to Change Without Prior Notice.
Shipping on all Orders Shipped in the U.S.A. is by Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx
With all U.S. and Foreign Orders, Shipping is Based on Weight

All Overseas orders are shipped Airmail or FedEx


United States

GT Strings
1-5 Sets    $5.00
6-11 Sets    $6.00
12 Sets    $6.50
24 Sets    $7.00
36 Sets    $7.50
48 Sets    $8.00

GT Strings T-Shirts
1 Shirt    $4.00
2-5 Shirts    $5.50

GT Strings Mouse Pads
1 Mouse Pad    $4.00
2-5 Mouse Pads  $6.50

GT Strings Caps
1 Cap    $4.00
2-5 Caps  $6.50

  GT Strings Posters
1-10 Poster    $4.00

  GT Strings Guitar Polish
1 Bottle    $4.00
2-5 Bottles    $5.50

GT Custom Guitar Picks
$6.50 for 2lbs or less
Fed Ex-USP Priority Confirmation Mail-3day Air
International: $15.00

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