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Guthrie Thomas Acoustic Guitar Strings
The Very Finest in Acoustic Guitar Strings

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6 String Lights and Mediums  -  12 Strings Lights  - Classical Medium

Guthrie Thomas Acoustic Guitar Strings are one of the finest Acoustic Strings that money can buy. Our six string Phosphor Bronze, 12 string lights, and our Classical string sets last longer; Play Brighter, and deliver Richer and Deeper tones for the professional and amateur alike. Whether you are performing on stage, recording in the studio, or just playing in your living room, both amateur's and professional's agree,
"Guthrie Thomas Strings are the finest strings on the market."

Additionally, all of our six string, phosphor bronze set's include an Extra "G" string!

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Six String Phosphor Bronze Lights with extra "G" String
$5.00 Per Set

Six String Phosphor Bronze Medium with extra "G" String
$5.00 Per Set

12 String Phosphor Bronze Lights
$6.00 Per Set

Classical Medium Tension
$5.00 Per Set

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